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Help & FAQs

Can Legal Navigator help me find a lawer?

At this time, Legal Navigator only provides information and referrals to people in Alaska and Hawaii. We may be able to refer you to a program that helps with certain legal problems. Some programs only help people with a particular type of problem.

    Programs may help you:

  • for free,
  • for a reduced fee, or
  • for a regular fee.

What if I am not in Alaska or Hawaii?

    If you want legal help in another state, please visit:

  •, or
  • Court self-help websites for your state.

Other online resources

What are Legal Navigators goals?

    Legal Navigator’s goals are to make it easy for people with civil legal problems to use our online AI tool to:

  • get legal information they can trust and understand,
  • find trusted resources who can help them, and
  • make a plan and find a path forward
    In time, we hope to connect people with more options for handling legal needs, including:

  • additional self-help options
  • pay-as-you-go legal services, and
  • full legal representation by a lawyer.

What’s Unique about Legal Navigator’s Technology?

Legal Navigator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to connect users to local, legal and human resources. That means Legal Navigator gets better over time by learning from all previous searches. It leverages machine learning and natural language processing to constantly improve and provide more targeted information to users.

Our project partners designed Legal Navigator to work well for all kinds of users – rural, urban, limited English-speakers, and users with different kinds of disabilities, needs, and backgrounds. This design approach, called Inclusive Design, means the program works for as many people as possible.

    We did testing in Alaska and Hawaii for feedback, including:

  • immersion studies,
  • ideation workshops, and
  • in-person testing.

Who created Legal Navigator?

To create Legal Navigator, the civil justice communities in Alaska and Hawaii worked with Microsoft, the Legal Services Corporation, Pro Bono Net, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and Avanade.

Many community members and local partners contributed to Legal Navigator’s design and testing. Learn more about how it was developed at

When will Legal Navigator be available for other states?

If Legal Navigator works well in Alaska and Hawaii in 2019, our goal is to add more states. We also want to make Legal Navigator available as a plug-in tool for other legal help websites and court systems.

How can I learn more or get involved?

If you work in a state justice community or in legal technology or a related field, contact us to get involved in Legal Navigator.

To learn more, contact: